before we lose everything in 2018!


Please read everything on this website, so that

we can start organizing now to save America!


Thank goodness that we held on to our Republican

Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives!

and now also have a majority in the United States Senate as well!



Without this, the Demoncrats would have the absolute power to pass legislation that would take away all of our freedom and turn our country into "The Soviet Socialist States of America"!

Because of this fact, the 2014 Congressional Elections, both in the Primary and in the General Elections will become the most crucial election in the history of the United States of America.

We absolutely must elect a Republican Majority in both houses of Congress! All 435 members of the House of Representatives and one third of the U.S. Senate will be up for re-election! This is the last chance to save America because a Democrat majority in both houses will absolutely destroy the freedom that our armed forces fought and died for to protect and America as we know it will no longer exist!

Government Globalists

Want to Control the Internet!

By Elliott Graham, vacat.us webmaster.

Please buy the November 3rd, 2014 Issue of The New American magazine and read the articles on pages 10-17 and 19 and 20 by William F. Jasper.

These pages reveal how the globalists and the federal establishment is now working to take over and control the internet.

Therefore, please tell everyone that you to see, to see as many of the websites, that they want to eliminate, right now, before they succeed in doing so!

If they shut us down, our most valuable tool, that we still have, under our first amendment, for free speech, for a free people, will be gone!

If you do not have a computer, you can use a computer at your public library or at a friends house.

Here are a few websites to start with: www.vacat.us, www.noconcon.com, www.elliottgraham.com, www.thenewamerican.com, www.jbs.org, http:// www.eagleforum.org, and to all of the links to the websites that are listed in all of our other websites; including: http://www.prisonplanet.com, http://www.infowars.com, http://www.TheDivineKingdomsHolyChurch.com and http://www.libertygunrights.com.

Please do not wait until they shut us down or make it too expensive to continue these websites by taxation and/or regulation.

In order to remain as a free nation, we must all use our First Amendment Rights to share this most valuable information, now, while we still can, and to as many voters as possible, this year, in 2015, as 2016 may be too late!





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You have my permission to reproduce

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nothing is changed, edited or taken out

of context and my articles are not copywrited.


After doing this please return back to this website to see a list of

more excellent constitutional statesmen that deserve our support.



For a Complete List of Very Good Endorsements

including Judges, please go to this website:


If you have already marked your sample ballot

and want to know who are the best Judicial

candidates, please go to this website:




There are several outstanding highly principled Constitutional Patriots

running for the United States Senate that now have the

endorsement of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Their names will appear below under the Senate Conservatives Fund.


We can either save America and the free world or

we can lose everything that our founding fathers

and our brave war heros fought and died for!


Now, more than ever, we absolutely must vote for

candidates who will restore our nation back to

being the greatest nation on earth while defeating

the traitors who work to destroy our nation and

our freedom! To NOT VOTE against the enemies of

our freedom is surrender to the enemies of freedom!



Do you need a speaker for your next meeting?




Please invite Elliott Graham, Founder and Chairman of Constitutists United Against a Constitutional Convention to your next meeting to awaken your members about the immediate threat to our freedom under our limited government constitutional republic, this year in 2018, before our precious U.S. Constitution gets re-written at a run-a-way constitutional convention takes place.

Elliott Graham was successful in killing Senator Alquists attempt to have a constitutional convention here in California when he testified against his bill at the last hearing before the Constitutional Amendments Committee at our State Capitol.

There were 5 members on this committee, including Senator Alquist and the other four members voted against Alquist’s bill which stopped the legislation in the committee.

Elliott Graham is well known amongst fellow Republicans since he campaigned for Senator Barry Goldwater for President in 1964, was elected to the 43rd A.D. Republican Central Committee in 1972 while campaigning for Congressman John Ashbrook and in 1974, he won the Republican Nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives being the first Republican Challenger to then Assemblyman Henry Waxman in the 24th Congressional District of California.

Elliott was also a Republican Candidate for the California State Assembly, former President of seven Republican Clubs from the Young Republicans and UROC to the California Republican Assembly where he also served as a Senate Director in the 21st Senatorial District and later as a CRA State Vice President. He was also the Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Speakers Bureau and the Vice President of the United Organizations of Taxpayers. (The organization that Howard Jarvis headed up during the passage of Proposition 13). He was also on the Political Debate Team at the Universary of Plano.

Please call Elliott Graham at (818) 247-5147


WARNING: Beware of the latest plot

to destroy our U.S. Constitution!

Watch out for the Compact for America which is the latest plot to trigger a Constitutional Convention and rush this through this year in 2014!

They are planning to do this on the 4th of July, 2013 (Independence Day) in Dallas, Texas so that they can have their Balanced Budget Amendment which I call the The Excuse to Raise our Taxes Amendment!

Although, this is designed to appeal to Conservatives, many liberal anti-gun Democrats who hate the Second Amendment may suddenly join in when they learn that a Con-Con cannot be limited to just one single issue and therefore remove several very important rights that are protected and guaranteed by our Bill of Rights such as our Second Amendment!



Even the whole idea of a Balanced Budget Amendment is wrong because a budget can be balanced by raising our taxes to pay for their excessive spending!

Instead of calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment, they should pass legislation that will make it illegal to spend money by borrowing funds that we do not have!

To learn more, please read the article on pages 10 through 16 in the January 21st, 2013 issue of the New American and see our website: http://www.noconcon.com.

Sincerely yours for our Constitution,

Elliott Graham, Founder and Chairman

Constitutionalists United Against a Constitutional Convention




Please highlight, copy and paste any of my

articles from this website and send by e-mail to

all those who may benefit by learning about

these important problems and solutions.


Please send, FAX, forward

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family and friends to hand out.



You have my permission to reproduce

any article written by me as long as,

nothing is changed, edited or taken out

of context and my articles are not copywrited.




A very scary thought that could become reality!

By Elliott Graham of C.U.A.C.C.

Because it is not clear how delegates to an Article 5 Constitutional Convention are chosen nor who will choose these delegates, I have this question: What if those who choose these delegates decide to auction such positions to the highest bidders?

If that were to happen, starting with million dollar bids, the con-con delegates will most likely be such multi-billionaires as George Soros, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and many other Citizens of the World who want to have a one world United Nations Government!

If these traitors to our sovereignty and constitutional protected rights decide what a new constitution for us will be at a run-away constitutional convention, my prediction is that we will have the most extreme international totalitarian government ever!

There will no longer be a Bill of Rights nor any freedom for any individuals! (including our Second Amendment (Gun) rights!) They will be lost forever!

To learn more, please go to: http://www.noconcon.com


Its too bad that Virginia did not have a Proposition 14!

If Virginia had a new voting law like California now has, with Proposition 14 that only allows a vote between the two highest vote getters in their November General Election, then the outcome of this election in Virginia would have been entirely different, resulting in a large victory for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the excellent conservative Republican constitutionalist nominee for Governor.

The number one main reason why he lost to Terry McAuliffe was because the third candidate Robert Sarvis, a Libertarian, was the spoiler who split votes away from Ken Cuccinelli.

To make this happen a couple of limousine liberal billionaires contributed many thousands of dollars into the Libertarian Nominees campaign in order to increase his percentage of the vote.

The simple math proves that this was the main reason why Virginia elected a Democrat instead of a Republican Governor.

Do not believe the spin that the slanted news media puts on this, when they say that: the Republican was too conservative or that the Tea Party hurt him. That was not the reason at all!

The very fact that the Libertarian Candidate received 6.5% of the vote proves that this was the real reason that the Republican lost and that if Virginia had the same election law that California now has, Ken Cuccinelli would have won by a bigger margin than that of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Now is the time for all of the minor party voters to re-register to vote in a major party that can win instead of wasting their vote in a party that cannot ever win and if all those who belong to the Conservative, Libertarian, Constitution and American Independent Parties would become Republicans and vote in the Republican Primaries, we would be electing many more limited government constitutional statesmen like U.S. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!



Would you vote for a politician

who would say this in a speech?

"I know what is best for you and I will make better choices for you than you can make, because I am much smarter than stupid idiots like you.

I also know that you will always vote for me over and over again, because you are more afraid to vote for a new candidate that you do not know and that you are too lazy to try to learn about who my opponent is.

You will also vote for me again because you believe that you will get a better result, because I keep improving as I gain more experience.

To get someone new means that you may be voting for another idiot just like yourself and the fact that incumbents like me always win because idiots like you still believe that you will get a better result than taking a chance on someone new who does not have the experience that I have."

Although politicians do not say this, it is probably what they are thinking!


It is too late to play games

The only way to save our freedom is

to take back the Republican Party!

By Elliott Graham who is now a Republican again!

I still remember when Senator Barry Goldwater won the nomination of the Republican Party and I want everyone to know how this was achieved.

When this happened in 1964, we did not have all of these minor splinter parties and therefore libertarians and members of minor parties such as the then American Party did not exist. Before there was that big exodus of dissatisfied and disenfranchised Republicans, most of these voters were registered to vote in the Republican Party.

In 1972, an excellent Republican Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio who was very similar to that of Congressman Ron Paul in that he too had a perfect 100% principled pro-freedom voting record ran for President to oppose President Richard M. Nixon.

The main reason why John Ashbrook lost is because most of the former Goldwater supporters had already left the Republican Party.

After all, how could John Ashbrook win when most of those who would have supported him had abandoned the Republican Party and therefore could not vote in the very important Republican Primary Elections!

I know of a lot of Libertarian Party members who for many years have always dreamed about how nice it would be to elect a libertarian as President of the U.S.A. but who have failed to elect any libertarian candidate to any partisan office except for those libertarians who were smart enough to run within the Republican Party and won because they were registered Republicans.

U.S. Representatives Ron Paul of Texas and Jeff Flake of Arizona won several terms successfully in the House of Representatives and so did a popular two term Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

They won because they were and are Republicans and would not have won if they ran as members of the Libertarian Party!

Therefore, it is now time for all of the Libertarian Party members, Constitution Party members, independent (declined to state) voters and others who are not registered to vote as Republicans to re-register as Republicans in order to cast that most important vote in the Republican Primary Elections and Caucuses!

Without that very important major party victory, such candidates as Ron Paul cannot and will not win!

But if we all vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary he will become the unstopable winner who will win big by getting more votes outside of the Republican Party as well as by most Republicans!

Our Republican Nominee must also receive votes from independents, conservative Democrats and from the minor party voters including the Libertarian and Constitution Parties and the ONLY candidate that can defeat President Barack Husean Obama is the Nominee of the Republican Party Mitt Romney. Therefore, do NOT waste your very important vote on a minor party candidate that will not ever win!

No member of Congress nor any partisan elective office is a member of a minor party and the ONLY parties that exist are the two major parties of which are either Republican or Democrat.




Please highlight, copy and paste any of my

articles from this website and send by e-mail to

all those who may benefit by learning about

these important problems and solutions.


Please send, FAX, forward

and make extra copies for your

family and friends to hand out.


You have my permission to reproduce

any article written by me as long as,

nothing is changed, edited or taken out

of context and my articles are not copywrited.


Dr. Ron Paul who was a former Libertarian Party Nominee for President will be sure to get votes from Libertarian Party voters as well as votes from the Constitution Party voters and also from voters from the American Party, the American Independent Party as well as most of the other minor parties and he would have WON the Republican Party Nomination if all independent and minor party voters had left these loser parties, registered to vote as a Republican and voted for Dr. Paul in the Republican Primary Elections and Caucuses.



Click on to this link and watch:



U.S. Representative Ron Paul has attracted

big record breaking crowds of thousands!



Listen to Ron Paul's Weekly Message

by calling this number:


A new message is recorded

every Sunday of each week.


Did you know that our Government already

has plans to control the Internet and

censure all forms of free speech and expression?

Please read everything on this website

before they shut us down!


Every Loyal American Soldier, Marine, Guardsman,

Militiaman and Law Enforcement Officer should

join "Oath Keepers" and help to restore and 

 preserve our Constitutional Republic!



Please go to this website:



For more information on "Oath Keepers", click on to this link:



Do not stop here, everything mentioned

on this website is of vital importance to

our survival as a free and sovereign nation!

So, keep scrolling!

(This website was designed to scroll down and see everything that is vital for our survival!)


U.S. Representative Ron Paul attracts big

record breaking crowds of thousands

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Watch these new videos on Ron Paul:






Reasons why our fellow Americans

have lost their jobs and why our

elected officials no longer represent us!


It is all about bribery, corruption and

power from the special interest lobbyists!

But, we have the solutions and we must all unite

behind the honest candidates who will clean up

this bad system and return us back to a Limited

Constititional Government of We, the People!







Watch this video that explains why everyone

who does not work for the Government

absolutely must vote against those

who do work for the Government!


Highlight, copy and paste into your browser this link:




U.S. Representative Ron attracts big

record breaking crowds of thousands

Copy, paste and view link with pictures of these events:



The Internet:

Use it, before we lose it!

By Elliott Graham, Webmaster of four different websites.

Already, the establishment that controls most of the media, including radio, television, newspapers, and magazines wants to get their political puppets in Congress to control the internet.

It is the same media that tried to silence United States Representatives Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter.

I believe that the main reason why Ron Paul did so much better than the efforts of both Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter combined was that Dr. Paul and his supporters made good use of the Internet.

As you know, most of the younger generation are very computer literate and are on line and many of them have also created their own websites to spread the word about the Presidential Candidacy of Ron Paul.

This is what helped Ron Paul in becoming one of the 4 finalists out of 12 Presidential Candidates and believe it or not, Dr. Paul polled 2nd place in Nevada and perhaps 2 other states.

If everyone gets on line and blogs on the Internet, uses Twitter, Facebook, You -Tube and Myspace and spreads the word before the next election, we can WIN in 2014!

But, we absolutely must do it now! We must not wait until the Big Government Establishment shuts us down!

They can regulate us, tax us, censure us or simply outlaw this valuable Freedom of Speech Tool!

When the media and their controlled politicians call us names and discredit us, we are not allowed to participate in any meaningful debates.

Therefore, the only way that we can fight back and defend ourselves in by going On Line on the internet.

In 2010, we must show them, Who is their boss? They are supposed to represent us and not try to become our masters as in who works for whom?

If you are getting afraid of government, then it is time to fire the incumbent office holders by replacing them with the challengers.

Please take a look at my other websites, while they are still up there: www.vacat.us ,

www.noconcon.com , www.elliottgraham.com , and www.thedivinekingdomsholychurch.com


Right now, more than at any other time, especially during the Lame Duck session in Congress, we must decide and unite together on whom we want to elect in 2012 and get this information out NOW, while we still can!

We cannot wait until the Internet is no longer available to us, because, if they take this means of communications away from us, then they will have complete control of all communications that is not licensed by the FCC or delivered by the USPS that can raise its postal rates again!

In 2012, our enemies to freedom will pull out all of the stops and they will do everything possible to prevent us to remain a free people!

So, right now, be sure to spread the word and get everyone to see our websites.

Please go to: http://www.vacat.us/, http://elliottgraham.com and http://www.noconcon.com/.



Gun prohibitionists allow us only 3 choices:

The Hospital, the Cemetary or Prison!


(What the biased left news media does not tell you.)

by Elliott Graham, Former President of A.P.R.A.

As we all know, the first step into gun prohibition is registration. Registration is designed to provide the government with a list of gun owners, so that they can proceed into the second step, which is gun confiscation. Instead of banning all guns outright, the government will call for you to register and license your personal firearms; thereby, converting your right into a government granted privilege.

If they do that, they will make it very difficult to obtain that license. If a gun license is not granted to you, later the government will demand that you turn in your guns during a special amnesty period.

If this happens, you will lose much You will lose your freedom, your safety, your property and possibly your life!

Here is what has happened to the many foolish citizens who once put all of their trust in their own government throughout the world:

In 1911, Turkey imposed gun prohibitions and only four years later in 1915 the Turkish government killed one-and-a-half million disarmed Armenians!

In 1935, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China banned firearms, and only a few years later (1948 to 1952), fifty million dissidents in both communist countries were murdered! (The Communist Genocide was the biggest holocaust!)

In Germany, history repeated itself again. They exterminated six million unarmed Jews and many other disarmed people, including Gypsies, mixed bloods and other so-called undesirables, as well as friends (who tried to save them) increasing that number to as high as 13 million!

In 1956, Cambodia established gun control, and again, only a few years later (from 1975 to 1977) the Cambodian government murdered a million of its own citizens!

In 1964, Guatemala began gun control. In that very same year they began killing unarmed Mayan Indians in which more than 100,000 died by 1981.

In 1970, Uganda murdered 300,000 Indians and Christians from 1971 to 1979, beginning only one year after prohibiting personal firearms!

The formula is apparent:

First, comes Registration,

Second, comes Licensing or Prohibition

Third, comes Confiscation and incarceration.

Fourth, comes Genocide!

Statistics have already proven that the safest place to live is where there are very few restrictions on firearms and where most people are allowed to carry guns.

The gun prohibitionists would like to give you one of these 3 choices: a) the Hospital, b) the Cemetery, or c) Prison!

Remember! Our nation s founding fathers warned us that:

Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it!

U.S. Representative Ron attracts big

record breaking crowds of thousands

Copy, paste and view link with pictures of these events:


Early in 2014, we will make our big decision

for the future of our free constitutional republic for our

children and our grandchildren to live under slavery or freedom!

By Elliott Graham, Founder, Chairman and Webmaster of V.A.C.A.T.

(Voters Against Conspiracy And Treason, http://www.vacat.us)

President Barack Obama is not the only radical socialist in the Democrat party, because most of the Democrats are as far to the left as he is and therefore the Democratic party is no longer Democratic. Instead it has been heavily infiltrated by extreme radical Marxists who will convert the USA into a communist form of a police state that is very similar to that of the old Soviet Union! All President Obama and his fellow Democrats need is a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate!

The only way that we can save America from Obama Care, Bankruptcy, Loss of our Freedom (including gun confiscation by U.N. troups) and the ability to override Presidential vetoes or to have the ability to impeach is to get a two thirds majority of real (constitutional) Republicans in both houses of Congress!

This means that we absolutely must defeat as many Demonrats as possible as well as the bad Republican RINOs and neo-cons who too often vote with their Democrat friends.

The bad Republicans must be defeated in the Primary Elections and replaced with true constitutionalists who will restore our constitutional form of government as well as having the ability to defeat their Democrat opponents in the General Election!

The good candidates must win in the Primary Elections because without a decent choice for the November General Election we will again lose!

If we fail to win in BOTH the Primary and the General Elections, then we may lose everything forever and never ever get it all back!

Please come back to this website, before you cast your most important vote during the 2016 Primary Elections as if it were a matter of life or death because it will become a matter of life or death of our free constitutional republic for all of us!

Many voters start voting as early as 30 days before the election by voting by mailed in absentee ballots, therefore if the Primary Elections take place in February of 2016 they really begin in January of 2016! I do not recommend absentee voting by mail or by using any Touch Screens to vote as this makes it much more difficult to catch cheaters who vote more than once!

If you do get an absentee (by mail) ballot in the mail, my recommendation is to not put it in the mail and instead take it to your polling place on Election Day or have a close relative like a spouse or sibling deliver it for you at the polling place.

When voting at your local polling place, be sure to vote early in the morning, like the first thing that you do that day. I do not want to see anyone miss out on voting due to any unexpected delays such as accidents or other emergencies!

Write down: Election Day, time to VOTE in your appointment book or calendar, so that you do not forget!

This will be an election that is much too important to miss as everything in our future will be at stake!

If we do not win because too many idiots did not vote in the primary or wasted their vote by voting for minor party candidates that cannot possibly win or to vote for the wrong candidates of the wrong party then; we can lose everything that our forefathers gave us and everything that our service veterans died for!

This will be the Election of the Century and it is do or die in 2016!

Show your Patriotism on

Constitution Day

December 15th, 2018

by contributing to these patriotic

causes to protect our freedom:


Senate Conservatives Fund

National Processing Center

P. O. Box 131568

Houston, TX 77219-9959

The Senate Conservatives Fund endorses and supports:

Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and Col. Rob Maness in Louisiana.

Let us elect more Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.



Listen to former Senator Bob Smith's speech

before the U.S. Senate on why he left the

G.O.P. to become an Independent:


The very liberal Republican Establishment in California

that defeated McClintock and Tim Donnelly for Governor

is now plotting with Democrat voters to defeat McClintock

for re-election to the House of Representatives by running

a R.I.N.O. against him in November - Please contribute now!


McClintock for Congress

P.O. Box 276008

Sacramento, CA 95827-9902


House Conservatives Fund

P. O. Box 627

Forest, VA 24551-0627


Conservative Majority Fund

2776 S. Arlington Mill Drive, #806

Arlington, VA 22206


Tea Party Patriots

P. O. Box 1205

Merrifield , VA 22116-1205


The Club for Growth

2001 L Street NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC 20036


The Madison Project

P. O. Box 96023

Washington, DC 20090-6023

The Madison Project also endorses and supports:

Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Matt Bevin in Kentucky, Chris McDaniel in Mississippi,

Milton Wolf in Kansas and Rob Maness in Louisiana.


400 N. Capitol St. NW, Suite 765

Washington, DC 20001


See our more current list of candidates on


if your state is not listed.


Do NOT contribute anything to the Republican Party directly,

nor anything to their Congressional or Senatorial Committees.

If they ask for a donation, tell them that

you only contribute directly to constitutional conservative candidates.


Obama Plans Internet Grab:

FCC to Embrace 'Net Neutrality'

Sunday, September 20, 2009 7:16 PM

By John O. Edwards

Since the Internet took root as a mass communications phenomenon in the mid 1990s, a quiet war has raged in Washington over the extent to which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would regulate the new medium.

Until, now the Internet has been largely self-regulated, and the FCC has taken a hands-off approach.

But that could change dramatically soon if the Obama administration has its way.

During the weekend, press reports revealed a stunning development: The Obama administration will announce Monday that the FCC would propose new rules to embrace what it calls Net Neutrality.

Obama's new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski, will use a speech to the Brookings Institution, a liberal think tank, to announce the FCC proposals, according to those reports.

On the face of it, Net Neutrality appears to be a popular and fair proposal.

Genachowski will "propose new rules that would prohibit Internet service providers from interfering with the free flow of information and certain applications over their networks," according to the Associated Press.

The FCC rules "would bar Internet service providers such as Verizon Communications Inc., Comcast Corp. or AT&T Inc., from slowing or blocking certain services or content flowing through their vast networks," according to the AP.

But critics contend that the proposals are nothing more than a backdoor way for the FCC to tighten federal control over the Internet by beginning with the regulation of Internet service providers.

The battle lines over Net Neutrality have formed along partisan and ideological lines, with some exceptions.

Restoring our Country and our Freedom is

more important than Loyalty to any Party

and we must all UNITE together to WIN!

By Elliott Graham, Chairman of Voters Against Corruption And Tyranny (vacat.us)

Having criticized many of my Republican friends for only voting for only a straight Republican ticket, I noticed that my American Independent and Libertarian friends also did the exact same thing.

As for me, I voted for the best individual candidates regardless of which ever party they are in and I was hoping that the TEA Party movement would result in victories for some of the minor party candidates like Chelene Nightingale of the American Independent Party or for Libertarians when there is not a worthy constitutionalist nor conservative Republican nominee on the ballot.

The communists, the socialists, the traitors and all of the other anti-freedom totalitarianists who want to enslave us under a United Nations World Government have infiltrated and dominated academia, the media and both of the major parties.

They dominate the labor unions and the big business multi-national corporations and with their unfair international trade treaties that are called "agreements" in order to get passage without the two-thirds requirement to pass a treaty they have put far too many Americans out of work by outsourcing jobs and importing products that are made overseas.

Here in California, I have often supported candidates of the American Independent Party that started in 1967, joined it as a registered American Independent Party voter and in 2006 ran as a candidate for Congress, served on its state and county central committees and attended its state and national conventions in this party that is now 43 years old.

Unfortunately this party has never ever elected any of its candidates to Congress, our Legislature nor to any partisan public office in all of its 43 years of existence!

This year we had an excellent hard working candidate running for Governor who campaigned as a "Tea Party Candidate" for the people and who opposed a very "liberal" R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only) big corporate executive billionaire who was very similar to former New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

Yet the combined vote of both she and the Libertarian Party Nominee was less than 4% of the total vote. She got about 2% and the Libertarian got between 1% and 2% of the votes that were cast.

The only negative reason why most voters did not vote for these minor party candidates is because they know that "they cannot win or we are splitting the vote".

There were some very close races such as that of Attorney General that is almost a perfect tie that we may lose because voters voted for our candidate instead of the highly qualified District Attorney of the largest county in California!

Therefore, the only way that we can save our most precious freedom, our country and the rest of the world from a socialist totalitarian dictatorship is the get all pro-freedom voters to leave these insignificant minor parties that never ever win and have them all register to vote as Republicans in order for us to all unite together to vote in the next Republican Primary Election that will begin in February of 2014 because absentee voters can vote one month before March of 2014!

This means that we must change our voting registration to Republican between now and sometime in January. of next year.

Let us follow the examples of both Congressman Ron Paul and that of his son, U.S. Senator elect Rand Paul who both ran as Republicans and WON!

In 1988, Ron Paul tried the minor party route as the Libertarian Party Nominee for President and then lost. When he went back into the Republican Party, he won a seat in Congress as a U.S. Representative from Texas every time that he ran while serving for ten terms and who now was re-elected to his eleventh term that will total 22 years in Congress!

Like all of the other Tea Party winners, all were Republicans and none have been elected from the minor parties and perhaps more Tea Party Republicans would have won in their primary elections if the conservative and constitutional voters who were registered voters in the minor parties and those who were "Decline to State" had registered Republican and had voted in the Republican Primary Elections in their states.

So, let us get smart and defeat our enemies by uniting together within the same party and win! United, we will win, but divided into minor parties, we will lose!

The stakes will be much too high in 2014 to throw away our precious votes in parties that cannot and will not ever win!

A good Republican organization for Tea Party activists and all other pro-freedom, less government and lower taxes activists to join is the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Please go to this website: http://www.rlc.org for information or call (866) RLC-LIBERTY 752-5423.




before we lose everything in 2014!

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powerful "Builderburgers":



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For valuable information on how we can save

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our individual freedom, please go to these websites:



Here is my Political Biography

For those who don't know me: I, Elliott Graham, was first elected to the 43rd A.D. Republican Central Committee in 1972 and served several terms until the end of 2004. I was a former President of the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly, served twice as a Senate Director in the 21st Senatorial District and I was a State Vice President of the California Republican Assembly.

I was the former Unit Chairman of the "Los Feliz" and "Spirit of 76 Units" of the United Republicans of California, a former Area Governor and Southern California Chairman of that organization. I was also a former President of the College Hills Community Association and a former President of the Glendale Hills Coordinating Council. Having lived in Glendale for more than 30 years, I believe that I know who will do the best job in representing the citizens of Glendale instead of those who have been bought (bribed) and paid for by the selfish special interests!

In 1974, I was the Republican Nominee for the United States House of Representatives in the 24th Congressional District of California and I was a candidate for the California State Assembly in the 43rd Assembly District in 1992 and in 1996.

In 1975, I became the founder and the first President of the American Pistol and Revolver Association (APRA), a handgun association that lobbied for the right to carry handguns without being licensed by any government, because it is an individual right and therefore it should not be a government granted privilege. As President of A.P.R.A. and as a National Director of the National Association to Keep and Bear Arms, I helped to defeat "Proposition 15" (which would have outlawed handguns in California).

I majored in Political Science and Economics at the University of Plano under Dr. Bella V. Dodd and Percy Greaves, earned A.A. and A.S. Degrees at Glendale Community College, majored in Business and Marketing at California State University in Los Angeles and I graduated with a B.A. Degree in Cinema Production and Television Broadcasting at Columbia College in Hollywood.

I am a Life Member of seven national Pro-Second Amendment organizations, including Gun Owners of America, a former President of the California Firearms Coalition, a former President of the Wilshire Young Republican Club and I had organized the John Ashbrook Chapter of the California Young Americans for Freedom.

I was also an Alternate Delegate for John Ashbrook for President and a Delegate for Ashbrook at the UROC State Convention that endorsed Ashbrook for President and who was my favorite congressional role model.

My favorite U.S. Representatives in addition to John Ashbrook were Larry McDonald, John Rarrick, George Hanson, Steve Simms, Del Clausen, Helen Chenowith, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo and I wish that we had many more just like them.

I was the Editor and Publisher of the American Bicentennial Observer, Founder and Chairman of Constitutionists United Against a Constitutional Convention, President and C.E.O. of Twenty First Century Electronics Corporation, The Communications Director for All Media Communications, former Vice President of the United Organizations of Taxpayers, a former Director in the National Justice Foundation, a member of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, a member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Life Member of the John Birch Society, a member of the Sons of the Revolution and a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.




Absolutely Must Read Books to wake up Americans

before we Lose our Lives, our Liberty and our Property!


Elliott's Recommended Reading List

Please buy and read all of these books that

 reveal the greatest threats to our nation:


"The Enemies Within"

Communists, Socialists, and Progressives

in the United States Congress

By Trevor Loudon

Published by the Pacific Freedom Foundation

500 N. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 300 A

Las Vegas, NV 89107

(Best and Most Important, Read this first and now!)


 (You may order this from this link)





by Bill Gertz

Three Rivers Press of Crown Publishing Group,

 a division of Random House, Inc., New York


The China Threat

by Bill Gertz

How the People's Republic Targets America

Regnery Publishing, Inc., An Eagle Publishing Company

One Massachussetts Avenue, Washington, DC 20001

Published by Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, D.C.


"The Second Amendment"

Preserving the Inalienable Right of Individual Self-Protection

by David Barton


P.O. Box 397, Aledo, TX 76008


"The Invisible Government"

by Dan Smoot



"A Time for Truth"

"Reigniting The Promise of America"

by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Broadside Books of Harper Collins Publishers

195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007


The new updated 50th Anniversary Edition of

"A Choice, Not an Echo"

by Phyllis Schlafly

Published by Regnary Publishing


The Shadows of Power

by James Perloff

Published by Western Islands

P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912



by Bill GertzCrown Forum of Crown Publishing Group,

a division of Random House, Inc., New York



by Senator Jim DeMint

Center Street

Hachette Book Group

237 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017


Conservatives Betrayed

by Richard A. Viguerie

Bonus Books, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069



The 100 Year War for the Soul of the GOP.

by Richard A. Viguerie

Published by WND Books

Washington, D.C.


The Great American Awakening

by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint

Published by B & H Publishing Group

Nashville, Tennessee



by Steven Greenhut

Published by The Forum Press

Santa Ana, CA 92704


The Insiders

Architects of the New World Order

By John F. McManus

Published by The John Birch Society

P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, Wisconsin 54912-8040


The Illuminati

By Aric Z. Leavitt

Daystar Publications

P.O. Box 25895

Los Angeles, CA 


State of Emergency

by Patrick J. Buchanan

Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press,

New York, N.Y. 10010



by Glenn Beck

Threshold Editions and Mercury Radio Arts

A Division of Simon & Shuster, Inc.

1230 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020


Stealth Invasion

by Roger Canfield

Published by United States Intelligence Council, Fairfax, Virginia


Laying the Foundation for a

North American Union

by Orlean Koehle

Published by

Small Helm Press Associate

4577 Creekmont Court

Santa Rosa, CA 95404


The Great Betrayal

by Patrick J. Buchanan

Little, Brown and Company,

Boston, New York, Toronto and London


Death by Gun Control

by Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens

Mazel Freedom Press, Hartford, WI 53027

Order from www.ljpfo.org


Foundations of Betrayal

by Paul Kent,

Zoe Publications, LLC, Johnson City, TN 37602



Fighting Immigration Anarchy

by Daniel Sheehy

Published by Roof Top Publiching, Bloomington, Indiana 47403



Brave New Ballot

by Avi RubinMorgan

Road Books, A division of Random House



Who's Who of the Elite

by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

Published by RIE, 24505 Old Ferry Road, Spicewood, TX 78669

Website: http://www.4rie.com Sales; (800) 410-557



The True Story of The Builderberger Group

by Daniel Estulin, Published by; Trine Day LLC,

P.O. Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489



The Revolution, A Manifesto by Ron Paul

Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group USA,

237 Park Ave., N.Y., NY 10017



The Late Great U.S.A.,

The Coming Merger with Mexico & Canada

by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.,

Published by; World Ahead Media, Los Angeles, CA

If your local bookstore does not have these, try www.amazon.com



Guess What Happens Next After Gun Prohibition?

(What the biased left wing news media does not tell us.)

By Elliott Graham, Defender of the Second Amendment.

As we all know the first step is registration and registration is designed to provide the government with a list of gun owners so that they can proceed to the next step which is confiscation.


Instead of banning all guns outright, the government will try to license your personal firearms thereby converting our right into a government granted privilege and if they do that they will make it very difficult to obtain that license.


If you do not have the gun license granted to you then they will demand that you turn in your guns during a special amnesty period. When that amnesty period expires, they will begin confiscating your firearms!


If this happens, we will lose much more than just a hobby! We will lose our freedom, our safety and our lives!


Here is what has happened to the many foolish citizens who put all of their trust in their own government throughout the world:


In 1911, Turkey imposed gun prohibitions and only four years later, in 1915, the Turkish government killed one and a half million disarmed Armenians!


In 1935, the Soviet Union and the people s Republic of China banned firearms and only a few years later (1948 to 1952), fifty million dissidents from both communist countries (who were defenseless) were murdered!



In Germany, history repeated itself again. They exterminated six million unarmed Jews and many other disarmed people including Gypsies, "mixed bloods" and other so-called: "undesirables" and many Christian friends who tried to save them bringing that number to as high as 13 million!


In 1956, Cambodia established gun control and again only a few years later (from 1975 to 1977) the Cambodian government murdered a million of their own citizens!

In 1964, Guatemala began gun control and that very same year they began killing unarmed Mayan Indians of which more that 100 thousand died by 1981!

In 1970, Uganda murdered 300 thousand Indians and Christians from 1971 to 1979, beginning only one year after prohibiting personal firearms!

It has been estimated that an American Genocide that may take place after disarmament may result in the murder of 50 million Americans!

Statistics have already proven that the safest places to  be is where there are the fewest restrictions on firearms and where most people are allowed to carry firearms.

Gun prohibitionists allow us to have only 3 choices: The Hospital, The Cemetery or Prison! and guess which group is the most hated and the most persecuted by governments?


The answer is our fellow Christians! Therefore, if your pastor tells you that it is wrong to have a gun for protection, then it is time for you to get out of that phoney "church" because his wrongful advise could get us killed! 

Our nations founding fathers warned us that: "Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it!"


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Did you know that the United Nations was founded by Communist Alger Hiss?


Is it a coincidence that the U.N. (like the Communists who have

 killed the most people on this planet) want global gun control?




See what U.S. Representative Ron Paul says

about what the U.N. plans for your guns:


The Worldwide Gun Control Movement

by U. S. Representative Ron Paul, R-Texas 

June 26,  2006    

The United Nations is holding a conference beginning this week in New York that ironically coincides with our national 4th of July holiday.  It is ironic because those attending the conference want to do away with one of our most fundamental of constitutional freedoms in the right to keep and bear arms. 

The stated goal of the conference is to eliminate trading in small arms, but the real goal is to advance a worldwide gun control movement that ultimately supercedes national laws, including our own 2nd Amendment.  Many UN observers believe the conference will set the stage in coming years for an international gun control treaty. 

Fortunately, U.S. gun owners have responded with an avalanche of letters to the American delegation to the conference, asking that none of our tax dollars be used to further UN anti-gun proposals.  But we cannot discount the growing power of international law, whether through the UN, the World Trade Organization, or the NAFTA and CAFTA treaties.  Gun rights advocates must understand that the forces behind globalism are hostile toward our Constitution and national sovereignty in general.  Our 2nd Amendment means nothing to UN officials.

Domestically, the gun control movement has lost momentum in recent years.  The Democratic Party has been conspicuously silent on the issue in recent elections because they know it is a political loser.  In the midst of declining public support for new gun laws, more and more states have adopted concealed-carry programs.

  The September 11th terrorist attacks and last summer hurricanes only made matters worse for gun control proponents, as millions of Americans were starkly reminded that we cannot rely on government to protect us from criminals.

So it makes sense that perhaps the biggest threat to gun rights in America today comes not from domestic lawmakers, but from abroad.  

For more than a decade the United Nations has waged a campaign to undermine Second Amendment rights in America.  UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called on members of the Security Council to address the easy availability of small arms and light weapons, by which he means all privately owned firearms. In response, the Security Council released a report calling for a comprehensive program of worldwide gun control, a report that admonishes the U.S. and praises the restrictive gun laws of Red China and France! 

It is no surprise that UN officials dislike what they view as our gun culture.  After all, these are the people who placed a huge anti-gun statue on American soil at UN headquarters in New York.  The statue depicts a pistol with the barrel tied into a knot, a not-too-subtle message aimed squarely at the U.S.

They believe in global government, and armed people could stand in the way of their goals.  They certainly don't care about our Constitution or the Second Amendment.  But the conflict between the UN position on private ownership of firearms and our Second Amendment cannot be reconciled.  How can we as a nation justify our membership in an organization that is actively hostile to one of our most fundamental constitutional rights?  What if the UN decided that free speech was too inflammatory and should be restricted?  Would we discard the First Amendment to comply with the UN agenda?

The UN claims to serve human freedom and dignity, but gun control often serves as a gateway to tyranny.  Tyrants from Hitler to Mao to Stalin have sought to disarm their own citizens, for the simple reason that unarmed people are easier to control.  Our Founders, having just expelled the British army, knew that the right to bear arms serves as the guardian of every other right.  This is the principle so often ignored by both sides in the gun control debate.  Only armed citizens can resist tyrannical government. 


PRINT out Ron Paul's article above on UN Gun Control.doc


Always remember that "freedom isn't free!"  We must all work hard to prevent our enemies from taking our precious freedom away!